Ahmed Abdalaa


Born on September 5, 1994, is an assistant lecturer at the Department of Embodied Expression in the College of Art Education. He has participated in several exhibitions, including the Thirty Youth Salon (2019), 31st Youth Salon (2020), The 33rd Youth Salon (2022), Adam Haneen Award (fourth session in 2020 and sixth session in 2022), Rotary 1 Art Exhibition at the Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum (2020), Rotary 2 Art Exhibition at the Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum (2021), Third Sculpture Salon (2023), and others. Additionally, Ahmed Abdalaa has been involved in significant symposiums such as the Madinaty Symposium Workshop (2022) and a symposium in Russia at Belgrade University (2022). He has been recognized for his talent and artistic contributions, receiving the Salon Prize for Sculpture at the 33rd Youth Salon. His works have also been included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art.


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