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Picasso Art Gallery is one of the oldest and leading fine art galleries in Egypt. Based in the culturally rich streets of Cairo, it has been an estimable center for the most dynamic and refined artwork for over two decades. With an extensive network of the most renowned artists in Egypt, Picasso has been a host to vibrant artists and audiences, continuously connecting art to the people and people to art. With an ever growing presence in the Egyptian art scene; constantly expanding its services in the spirit of cultural community and richness, Picasso aims to connect art to the people and people to art.



Building his career from scratch, the young Ibrahim Mohamed Abdelrahman was only a 14-year- old boy when he joined the workshop team of a frame-making business. At Bait Al Fan (House of Art), Ibrahim perfected his craftsmanship in the frame-making business and proved his impeccable skills until he founded his own frame-making company in 1971. The Picasso Factory was frequented by A-list Egyptian artists. Its clientele comprised the most talented and acclaimed artists of the time. It first started its production line with only two workers, building over 2000 frames every year. The business then expanded its production and Ibrahim opened his first frame- making shop, which was widely known in the Egyptian art community.


Established in 1996 under the ownership and guidance of the great Ibrahim Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Picasso penetrated the art market in Egypt, rapidly gaining attraction and popularity amidst the local art scene. These business expansions were accompanied by an epiphanic idea for Mr. Ibrahim to open his art gallery. And so, Ibrahim Mohamed Abdelrahman founded the Picasso Art Gallery in 1996. His frame-making success went as far as having the great and most prominent Egyptian artist of the 20th century, Hussein Bicar, coin the name Picasso to fit the gallery’s aspirations; and that is to become a pioneering exhibit venue, original in its art collection, bringing a variety of schools, styles, and techniques into one hall.


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