For clients seeking professional art advisory services on how to collect with confidence and long-term value. We understand that choosing the right artwork for your space can be challenging and hard to visualize in its intended space. Our team is experienced in recommending suitable artworks to fit your client’s needs, tastes, and budget.

Collection Management

Evaluation and collection management are built on our vast network and database of collectors, dealers, and galleries. Through our rich network, we can help our clients buy and sell artwork with the highest ROI.

Appraisal Services

If you are looking to sell your own work or a collective you have been holding onto, the Picasso team can help you estimate your artwork’s worth depending on the following: the artist’s name, the artwork’s date, the material, the size, and its condition at the time of sale. By submitting your appraisal request with the required information, our team can get back to you with a preliminary estimate in two working weeks.

Corporate Collection

For decades, Picasso Art Gallery has been the number-one corporate collection provider in Egypt. We have been providing government ministries, banks, and other organizations with unique and coherent collections to decorate their halls and receptions. Our team can provide large official corporate spaces with suitable pieces that would bring the vastness of their spaces to light.

Interior Design Partnerships

By teaming up with top-notch interior design firms, we help our clients furnish and decorate their spaces entirely. Together, both businesses revamp and furnish your space, creating a remarkable aesthetic to fit the needs of your ambiance.

Framing and Reframing

For almost 50 years, we have been providing museums, government ministries, corporate offices, private collectors, artists, and individuals with preservation framing solutions and services through our private framing company. Picasso’s framing services help you pick and customize the right high-quality frames for your artwork.


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