Kamel Mostafa


Kamel Mostafa born in 1917, was an Egyptian impressionist painter known for his delicate oil painting paintings capturing Egyptian daily life.

He began his studies at Alexandria’s Faculty of Fine Art under the tutelage of prominent Egyptian artists Ragheb Ayad, Youssef Kamel, and Mohammed Nagui, graduating with a painting degree in 1941. Mostafa received a government grant in 1946 to pursue his studies in Rome. In 1950, he moved to Alexandria and obtained a second degree in oil paint restoration. Following his studies, he worked in Egypt as an artist and professor.

From 1958 until 1977, Mostafa was an educator at Alexandria’s Faculty of Fine Arts. He was also nominated dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1969.

Mostafa and his companions were part of the second generation of Egyptian modernists who built on the arts breakthroughs initiated by early Egyptian modernists such as Mahmoud Said, Ragheb Ayad, Youssef Kamel, and Mohamed Nagui.

A retrospective exhibition of his work was presented at the Museum of the Faculty of Fine Art, Alexandria, in 1979, to honor the artist’s contribution to the development of Egyptian modernism.


Artwork Title

Watercolor on Paper


76 x 50 CM

29.9 x 19.7 Inch


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