Mahmoud Moussa


 Mahmoud Moussa was born in 1913 in Alexandria, Egypt. Mahmoud was an Egyptian modern sculptor. He started his artistic training at the age of 13 & used to attend classes offered by Societe des Amis de l’art governed by Mahmoud Said & was mentored by pioneer Egyptian sculptor Mahmoud Mokhtar. Moussa was granted a four-year fellowship by the ministry of culture that allowed him to actualise his practice to its utmost strength. 

Like his mentor, Moussa was heavily influenced by Ancient Egyptian art, most notably by the Neo-Pharaonic period as it was evident through his choices of material like granite & marble & terracotta shaping the swift lines of sculpted motifs representing the dynamic movement of the working-class people. The sculptor was fluent in producing reliefs which adorned multiple spots across Egypt at Alexandria Railway Station (1957), Jesuit Church (1961), and The Maronite Church (1977).

Mahmoud Moussa’s artworks are held at private & public collections and repeatedly auctioned.


Artwork Title



29 x 17 x 23 CM

11.4 x 6.7 x 9.1 Inch


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