Margo Veillon


Margo Veillon was born in 1907, she was a well-known Egyptian artist.

A sampling of her work in various types of visual media: pen, ink, watercolor, pencil, and crayon spanning seventy-five years of her fruitful career is displayed, as represented in a bequest donated to the American University in Cairo.

Although she spent a few years of her life in Europe, it is evident that Egypt captivated her imagination and influenced her artistic creativity. Veillon sketched people and animals, landscapes, and street scenes with her distinctive, subtle humor and skill for capturing a lively vignette or tranquil visual moment within just a few strokes.

These threads, together with others that are exceedingly distinctive and original, make up the immensely rich weaving of Margo Veillon’s artistic career, which is housed in her permanent collection in The Auc.


Artwork Title


Oil on Canvas

66 x 80 CM

26 x 31.5 Inch


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