Mohamed Sabry


Mohamed Sabry was born in 1917, is the star of 20th-century Egyptian Modern Art and belongs to the second generation of the Egyptian Art Movement.

The artist had a long artistic journey that lasted more than 75 years. The artist has both oil and pastel paintings, which include two of his major political artworks; one of which is the peace speech delivered by former leader Gamal Abdel Nasser in the United Nations Organization, and the other is the painting, Signing of the Cairo Agreement in 1970, which features Abdel Nasser and a group of Arab leaders.

The artist spent a few years between the fifties and the sixties in Spain, where he painted some of his best artworks. For Mohammed Sabry, freedom of expression means no control since it is that kind of freedom that requires commitment and a true expression of his emotions, agitations, feelings, and will.

Mohammed Sabry’s art belongs to Impressionistic Realism, which knows no deception, his true emotions are obvious in his paintings, which feature folk districts and landscapes in Old Cairo, Aswan, Spanish and Moroccan regions using pastel colors, which he mastered and used to achieve his purposes in forming aesthetic values which he executes without any effort, hesitation or ambiguity.

The artist has received many medals and recognition throughout his artistic career. He was granted a Merit Medal of Knight Rank by the Spanish Government in 1961, the Arts and Sciences Medal of First Class, “Pastel Pioneer” in 1974, and was granted the Queen Isabel Medal by the King of Spain in 1988 as recognition of his art. He received an honor certificate from the Nation’s Assembly for his painting “The High Dam,” which was gifted to the Supreme Soviet Council under the title of Egypt, in 1970. He was granted recognition by the president for his painting, “The Great Crossing,” in 1983.

His painting, “Queen of Spain,” was admired by President Anwar al-Saddat and was then presented to the King and Queen of Spain during their visit to Egypt under the title of Egypt. He was commemorated by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and granted the Pioneer Fine Arts Sash and Certificate of Merit in 1995. He was granted many awards and his international recognition includes the top prize for painting from the Autumn Salon in Madrid, in 1964; a medal and diploma from the San Fernando Royal Academy in Spain; and he was nominated as the international man of 1993’ by The International Biography Institution in Cambridge.

Many Egyptian embassies abroad have acquired his art, as have art collectors in Egypt, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, India, Morocco, the United States, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. The Egyptian Modern Art Museum in Cairo, Museum of Abdeen Palace, Cairo, Al-Jawhara Palace, Cairo, Museum of San Fernando Royal Academy , Spain, Museum of the Royal Palace ‘Trefoil’, Spain, Black Bern City, England, Ministry of Affairs, Rome ,Italy, The Supreme Soviet Council, Moscow, The Egyptian Ministry of Culture &The Egyptian Foreign Ministry.


Artwork Title

Soft Pastel on Paper


60 x 50 CM

23.6 x 19.7 Inch

Artwork Title

Soft Pastel on Paper


70 x 55 CM

27.6 x 21.7 Inch


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